The Renegade’s Heart Holiday Weekend Price

I signed up for a promotion through Kobo Books for the holiday weekend, then realized I could share the joy on other portals.

The Renegade's Heart, first in the True Love Brides series of medieval romances by Claire Delacroix

From today though July 1, the digital edition of The Renegade’s Heart is half-price in the US at these portals:

All Romance eBooks
Barnes & Noble

The funny thing is that I’m not sure if it’s been included in the KOBO US sale that started all of this. It is on sale elsewhere at KOBO. Depending on the portal, it might be discounted in other markets, too. They all work a little differently – I’ve discounted it where I can!

One More Time on a One Day Sale

One More Time by Deborah Cooke

One More Time, the third book in my Coxwell Series of contemporary romances, is on sale today (for one day only) for just 99 cents. The price will vary slightly in non-US markets, depending on the currency conversions at each portal, but it will still be heavily discounted today only. Here are the links, so you can grab your copy.


Apple – US

All Romance eBooks

Barnes & Noble



I hope you enjoy Matt and Leslie’s story!

My Street Team

I have a street team on Facebook, although I haven’t used it a whole lot yet this year. That’s starting to change! Mostly, I ask street team members is to share links – to newly released books or sale prices on various portals. If street team members are going to a conference or bookfair, or their local bookstore is interested in romance novels, I can send promotional material out to them. Sometimes we have prizes for the street team. :-)

If you are connected on Facebook or have a blog or just want to help spread the word about my books, I’d love to have you on the team. You can request to be added to Deborah’s Pyr Patrol on Facebook right here.

See you at BEA!

As mentioned a while back, I’ll be at Book Expo America tomorrow. The publishing trade show is open to readers tomorrow, so come on down to the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City. I think it’s going to be an awesome day.

You’ll find me in the Kobo booth (#967) from 11 to 12 tomorrow. I’ll have postcards so you can grab a free copy of one of my books, too.

Hope to see you there!


I’ve probably mentioned to you before that I belong to a little local group of authors. It’s not an official organization and we don’t have any program—we just meet most months, have lunch, and talk. Sometimes we talk about writing, sometimes about publishing, sometimes about other topics. It’s interesting and it’s fun. We have some things in common: we are all actively writing and publishing; we all write romance in some sub-genre (although some write in other genres, too); we all have other responsibilities to juggle along with the writing and promotion associated with it. What’s interesting is that we all make different choices, and sometimes we talk about that. Some authors in the group are traditionally published; others are with digital-first presses; others are indie all the way; still others have a blend of publishing styles, depending upon the project, sub-genre and opportunity. I represent the old guard in this group :-) as everyone else has entered the publishing biz in the last five years or so.

One of the things that most interests me is how each author balances her time. (Yes, we’re all women.) The choices of one author in particular intrigue me, because she and I share a desire to just write. The difference is that she let that desire shape her choices. She has a blog which acts as her website. She has a Goodreads account. But that’s it. She does no social media. She’s not on Facebook. Her author profile and bio is a single sentence with no photograph. She doesn’t have a newsletter. I was skeptical of this plan when she started out, because it’s very much the “right answer” for authors to do all of these things. The reason I do them is that my publishers have insisted upon it. Her blog posts are all business, too, of the “here’s the link for my new release” variety. She says she doesn’t have time to do anything else, which is fair – she has published the equivalent of four full length books in the past year and a half, in addition to her full time job. The thing is that she’s doing very well. Her blog gets lots of traffic and comments, plus she consistently sells a lot of books. Granted, she writes in a popular sub-genre (erotica and erotic romance) but I’m thinking I could learn a few tricks from her.

Spring is a time when I take a hard look at my choices. In all facets of my life, I try to organize and sort what’s worth keeping, and re-distribute what isn’t. This is when I simplify. Over the past month, I’ve taken a look at my promotional obligations, in contrast to those of my friend. I’m not going to stop doing all that I do (because habits are hard to change) but I’m going to do less. For example, the Wild West Thursday posts here on the blog take me a lot of time to compose. They don’t generate a lot of traffic, so my friend says they’re work for nothing. I suspect she’s right, so no more Wild West Thursday posts. In fact, I’m going to take my blog to her model, and post only when I have book news for you (plus the monthly contests, of course.) I’ve already cut back on Facebook time and that’s helped me to write more. And if you want to see my knitting, you’ll need to check on Ravelry. I don’t think the changes will be that painful to any of you, and the bonus is that you’ll have more books from me sooner.

We have a new plan, and I have writing to do!