Something Wonderful

Here’s a treat I recently ordered for myself – a kit for knitting a lace shawl, including the beads and the pattern.

The shawl is called Fire Dance, and the colourway I chose is called Dragon Fire. How could I possibly resist that? (And yes, of course, I ordered the large version!) This kit provides the Gradiance Yarn from The Unique Sheep, which is incredibly beautiful – and the colour of the yarn changes gradually over the shawl, which just thrills me to bits. Self-striping yarn is seductive enough for me – this is nearly overwhelming. I bought some yarn from The Unique Sheep for my Urd shawl and so far can only push it around and admire it.

In this case, I think I’ll start with the yellow in the middle and work through to red at the outside edges, but might change my mind when I see the yarn.

Now I’m trying to finish up some knitting projects, so I can cast on as soon as it arrives. Yay!

Have you treated yourself to a special treat lately?

3 thoughts on “Something Wonderful

  1. That is a beautiful color, Diana. I’ve never knit with Peace Fleece but have heard that it’s wonderful. Have you decided on a pattern for your shrug, or are you going to create your own?

  2. I will just design my own, it won’t be for publication because I don’t want to fiddle with sizing, but I want a double layer over the v of my breastbone, raglan shaping and generous armscyes.

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