Knitting Shawls from Sock Yarn

I’ve been thinking about this, since so many of you are interested. The fact is that you can make any lace pattern with a heavier yarn – it will just come out bigger! So, if there’s a pattern you like, give it a try on larger needles. (It will also knit up faster, which is another neat bonus.)

Remember as well that if the yarn you choose has acrylic in it (or is mostly acrylic) it won’t block. You can chuck it into the washer, lay it flat to dry and be done with it. Not everyone has blocking wires or the inclination to block, so fibre content is something to take into consideration when shopping for yarn for yourself or someone else.

While scheming my own easy lace shawl pattern from sock yarn to share with you, I had a peek around the ‘net to see what was already available. Here are a few of my favourites, all of which are free downloadable patterns:

The Woodland Shawl. The sample is knit in Mega Boots Stretch, one of my fave sock yarns, which has a very slow variegation. The leaves are pretty and it’s not as hard to knit as you might think.

Clapotis. This shawl is a knitting sensation. I sometimes think I’m the only knitter on the planet who hasn’t knit one. Ignore the gauge – just pick a yarn you like and needles that give you a good fabric and go for it.

Regina. The sample is knit in Lorna’s Laces, a nice American sock yarn. I like this shawl a lot and will get to it one of these days.

Luna Moth Shawl. One of many very pretty lace shawl patterns available from

Branching Out. Another easy and very pretty lace scarf pattern. It’s easy to double or even triple it up to make a wider piece.

If you think these are too difficult for you, fear not. Next week, I’ll give you my pattern for the Slippery Slope Scarf/Shawl. It’ll be easy.


3 thoughts on “Knitting Shawls from Sock Yarn

  1. I’ve been knitting for over 20 years but only recently started developing a shawl obsession. I’ve joined a mystery shawl along, and have been collecting a ton of patterns. It’s a great excuse to build my stash back up. There is a yarn show in KW in a couple weeks and I plan on stocking up *BG* I don’t know if I would enjoy the cobweb weights. Tiny needles and thin yarn, it would take forever to finish.

  2. Oh, but, Corinne that’s when the obsessive part kicks in – it’ll get done if you can’t put it down! LOL.

    I bought some cobweb weight last winter but haven’t worked up the nerve to cast it on yet. The fingering weight gives so much more instant gratification.


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